Thursday, June 5, 2008

12th NYC PictureStart Winners

12th NYC PictureStart Winners and Entries



Best Film: Carissa, dir. David Sauvage

2nd Place – Cupcake, Dir. Sean McPhillips (Special Jury Prize)

3rd Place: La Combinaison, Dir. Serge Adam

Best Actor: Benoît Thévenoz, La Combinaison

2nd Place: Ezra Miller, Busted Walk

3rd Place: Mike Consolmagno, Cupcake

Best Actress: Sara Jaye, Leave You in Me

2nd Place: Kinna McInroe, Cupcake

3rd Place: Agnieszka Pekala, Alicja Wonderland

Best Cinematography: La Combinaison


Best Film: Busted Walk, dir. Steven Tanenbaum

2nd Place: Carissa, dir. Sean McPhillips

3rd Place: The Maple Leaf, dir. Real Sprague

Best Actor: Ezra Miller, Busted Walk

2nd Place: Markie C., The Maple Leaf

3rd Place: Joe Lisi, Joe Mover

Best Actress: Christina Broccolini, And The Winner Is…

2nd Place: Kinna McInroe, Cupcake

3rd Place: Melissa Wolfklain, Saturday Night At Norms

Best Short Screenplay

Knocksville, Written by Josef Lemoine

Some Pictures from NYC PictureStart June 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Welcome to the 2008 NYC PictureStart Film Festival

The NYC Home Film Festival showcases outstanding short films from throughout the world. Founded in 2002, by Gregory Segal, Producer, Attorney, and Principal in Angel Baby Entertainment, the NYCHFF offers emerging filmmakers the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and share their work with a broad audience.

Submissions of short films are sought from filmmakers of all backgrounds and levels of experience and entries are accepted year-round. Films are selected for Festival screenings on the basis of artist excellence and viewers determine the winners of the Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Short Film Awards. Names and bios of award winners are posted on the HFF website and filmmakers are interviewed by Indieville, the television voice of independent film in N.Y.

Staged at various venues over the years to accommodate increasing attendance, The  Festival is traditionally hosted by an industry insider. Among those who have assumed this role at recent festivals have been Roy Frumkes, Director, Writer, and Producer,  and John Gallagher, Director, Producer and Film Historian.